The Smile - Cross-Laminated Tulipwood Structure

Collaboration of The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) and Alison Brooks Architects created cross-laminated tulipwood structure to showcase and define our age how to use light and strong materials to build all structures from wood.

The Smile can be seen from 17 September until 12 October, 10am – 9pm at the Chelsea College of Art Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground London, UK.

(via Alison Brooks Architects)

The Smile - Cross-Laminated Tulipwood Structure at Chelsea College of Art Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground London, UK

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Outdoor Indoor House by Be Fun Design

This small project of two-storey house for couple in China reflects the client active lifestyle. It has vertically open communal space and even rock-climbing wall inside. The project was realised in 2011 by Be Fun Design and EANA.

(via House by Be Fun Design)


London Aerial Photography by Jason Hawkes

Jason Hawkes is aerial photographer based just outside of London so most of his works captures this bustling and amazing city. The sunset and sunrise shots are especially mesmerising.

(via Jason Hawkes)

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Gayerre Infografia's 3D Detailed Texture House Model

Beautiful example how 3D and modeling can be used for projects like architecture. Juan Gayerre from Gayerre Infografia created 3D model of a house and then scenes that you can explore it just like real. Around 200,000 to 300,000 polygons were used.

(via Gayarre Infografia)

Juan-Gayerre from Gayerre Infografia House Model

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Saganaki House by Bump Architectes

Saganaki House by Bump Architectes was built in Paris on a very difficult triangular plot. To maximise space the architects designed also custom furniture and staircases which vary on each level.

(via Saganaki House)

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