Tales from the Loop - Roleplaying in the '80s That Never Was

Yes, it's true, Simon Stålenhag is working on RPG board game! This is amazing news for everyone wanting to find out more about this amazing alternate reality since Simon's pictures started showing up on internet. Hope this project goes well and maybe one day we will see Simon's art in a computer game, that would be awesome.

Step into the alternate '80s universe created by scifi artist Simon Stålenhag in this retro RPG, in the vein of ET and Stranger Things.

(via Tales from the Loop on Kickstrater)

Labels by Ezra Yew Wah Ng

Labels is a handmade experimental typography project by Ezra Yew Wah Ng, created as a self discovery creative project. Ezra Ng is designer based in London. Has a thing for ties and food.

(via Labels)

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Damon Hellandbrand Zodiac Concept Art and Illustrations

Damon Hellandbrand created concept art consisting of unique collection of Chinese horoscope and zodiac signs.

(via Damon Hellandbrand)

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Snake

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rooster
Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dragon

GDC - Game Developers Conference

GDC - Game Developers Conference 2017 registration is now open along with Virutal Reality Developers Conference.

Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA - February 27 - March 3rd 2017

Game Developers Conference is one of the largest conferences in the world consisting of producers, game developers, artists, designers that develop games and virtual reality.

(via GDC)

Make Your Own 3D Printed Wireless Lantern

This battery powered wireless charging lantern will glow for 1.5 hours on a single charge. It works with a handful of electronic parts and a USB charger. The USB cable plugs into the base, and the lamp sits on the base and charges through induction.

Follow the link below to build your own!

(via 3D Printed Wireless Lantern)

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