BAE Systems Artificially Intelligent Plane Across UK

BAE Systems is testing artificially intelligent plane with Jetstream 31 as a ‘flying testbed’ to explore unmanned aircraft technology.

(via BAE Systems)

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Unequal Scenes by Johnny Miller

Unequal Scenes is a project by Johnny Miller that captures scenes of inequality in South Africa from the air. These things are usually hard to spot from the ground but we get really clear view of the issue from the air.

(via Unequal Scenes)

Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course

Hout Bay valley about 15km south of Cape Town
Johannesburg - Primrose

BAE Systems Growing an Aircraft by Using Chemputer

BAE Systems and University of Glasgow creating a blueprint how the production of aircrafts can be achieved in the future by using new technologies and chemical processes.

Aircrafts would no longer be assembled or manufactured, they would be grown by Chemputer.

(via BAE Systems)

BAE Systems Chemputer

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Elios Flyability Drone

Flyability drone is opening a new spectrum of using drones in closed and complex environments. Swiss company created a collision-tolerant flying robot Elios.

(via Flyability)

Drone flies in crevasses in altitude of 3500 meters

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