Leica Sofort is the First Instant Camera from Leica

Leica released it's first luxury instant camera called Leica Sofort. It's available in orange, mint, and white.

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Photographs of Beautiful Caribbean Island of Antigua by Tommy Clarke

Tommy grew up on the south coast of England where he spent nearly every childhood holiday by the beach. This sparked a deep interest of the interaction between water and land and how people connect with that location.

But it wasn't until he was living in Sydney that he embarked on his first aerial shoot over Bondi Beach, capturing the colourful surfboards strewn across the beach which became his first series - Shore.

Since then Tommy has hung out of helicopters and small aircraft everywhere from San Francisco and Mexico to the Canary Islands and Utah.

Tommy is now based from his studio in London when not travelling.

(via Tommy Clarke)

South Beach, 2016

Valley Beach, 2016
Cat Club, 2016


Unequal Scenes by Johnny Miller

Unequal Scenes is a project by Johnny Miller that captures scenes of inequality in South Africa from the air. These things are usually hard to spot from the ground but we get really clear view of the issue from the air.

(via Unequal Scenes)

Papwa Sewgolum Golf Course

Hout Bay valley about 15km south of Cape Town
Johannesburg - Primrose

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Restricted Areas by Danila Tkachenko

Restricted Areas is a project by Russian visual artist Danila Tkachenko. It captures utopian strive of humans for technological progress.

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Headquarters of Communist Party.

The world's largest diesel submarine.
Airplane – amphibia with vertical take-off VVA14. The USSR built only two of them in 1976, one of which has crashed during transportation.

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Stunning Aerial Photography by Fouad Jreige

Check out this awesome aerial photgraphy Fouad Jreige. Fouad is based in California and is doing freelance photography for OpticPerspective.

(via Fouad Jreige on Instagram)


Bixby Creek Bridge
Table Rock Beach

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