The Chart of Cosmic Exploration by Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab has created hand-illustrated renderings of each spacecraft that was used in space exploration from 1959 to 2015. Each spacecraft trajectory is visualized on the solar system map.

The poster can be bought for $38 and its size is 39" x 27".

(via Pop Chart Lab)

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration by Pop Chart Lab

BAE Systems Artificially Intelligent Plane Across UK

BAE Systems is testing artificially intelligent plane with Jetstream 31 as a ‘flying testbed’ to explore unmanned aircraft technology.

(via BAE Systems)

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Scanning Pyramids with The Best Non-Invasive Visualization Techniques

A huge mission has begun by using the best non-invasive visualization techniques such as Infrared Thermography, Modulated thermography, Muons detection, Photogrammetry and Laser.

(via Scan Pyramids)

3D models of Pyramids in Egypt

Cosmic Particle Detectors
Infrared Thermography

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Do You Want to Own Moon, Mars or Other Planets? This is Your Chance!

Little Planet Factory is a maker of miniature planets and other astronomy themed curiosities! Intersecting 3d printing, scientific data and loving attention to detail to create uniquely evocative objects as have never been seen or held before.

Little Planet Factory is a startup by George Ioannidis. Someone who grew up watching Cosmos, reading Douglas Adams and happened to have a wide experience in 3d printing.

(via Little Planet Factory)

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Make Your Own 3D Printed Wireless Lantern

This battery powered wireless charging lantern will glow for 1.5 hours on a single charge. It works with a handful of electronic parts and a USB charger. The USB cable plugs into the base, and the lamp sits on the base and charges through induction.

Follow the link below to build your own!

(via 3D Printed Wireless Lantern)

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