Planet Earth Model from Panavision Camera Perspective

Created a model of planet Earth by using assets provided by NASA - blue marble next generation w/ topography and bathymetry. By using color, luminance, reflectance and bump via material editor and 1 light was able to create a nice Panavision camera view of our planet.


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The Chart of Cosmic Exploration by Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab has created hand-illustrated renderings of each spacecraft that was used in space exploration from 1959 to 2015. Each spacecraft trajectory is visualized on the solar system map.

The poster can be bought for $38 and its size is 39" x 27".

(via Pop Chart Lab)

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration by Pop Chart Lab

Mathias Verhasselt Digital Art

Some of the work of the Art Director at Blizzard Animation Mathias Verhasselt. He has a passion for space.

(via Mathias Verhasselt)

Rocket Assisted Landing

Unfinished Scifi Project
Low Jupiter Orbit

SpaceX - Multiplanetary Life - Mars

SpaceX webcast about multiplanerary life, next destination Mars.

(via SpaceX)

SpaceX Webcast - Multiplanetary Life

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Blue Origin - West Texas Launch Site

Blue Origin is testing rockets just like SpaceX. The entire goal is to - Launch, Land and Repeat. This is saving cost of flights to space. April 2, 2016 was a day at West Texas Launch Site.

(via Blue Origin)

Blue Origin - West Texas Launch Site

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