BAE Systems Artificially Intelligent Plane Across UK

BAE Systems is testing artificially intelligent plane with Jetstream 31 as a ‘flying testbed’ to explore unmanned aircraft technology.

(via BAE Systems)

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Vertical Maze - Stunts Flying in Wingsuit Between Buildings in Dubai

XDubai crew made a beautiful flyby between buildings in Dubai in a formation with camera guy flying behind them.

(via XDubai)

XDubai Vertical Maze


SpaceX - Multiplanetary Life - Mars

SpaceX webcast about multiplanerary life, next destination Mars.

(via SpaceX)

SpaceX Webcast - Multiplanetary Life

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Blue Origin - West Texas Launch Site

Blue Origin is testing rockets just like SpaceX. The entire goal is to - Launch, Land and Repeat. This is saving cost of flights to space. April 2, 2016 was a day at West Texas Launch Site.

(via Blue Origin)

Blue Origin - West Texas Launch Site

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World View by PriestmanGoode

PriestmanGoode in collaboration with Paragon Space Development Corporation created World View for people to experience to be on the orbit around the planet Earth and in space.

(via PriestmanGoode)

PriestmanGoode - World View

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